We are thrilled to announce that the construction of P3 Wrocław I, our newest logistics park in Poland spanning 265,000 m², has officially begun. What's even more remarkable? It's fully leased and geared towards the rapidly expanding eCommerce sector! 📦✨

Strategically located near the A4 motorway in Kąty Wrocławskie, P3 Wrocław I plays a crucial role in the pan-European transport corridor, connecting key transportation hubs such as Berlin, Wrocław, Kraków, and Ukraine. 🌐 Its excellent location in the industrialized region of Upper and Lower Silesia provides optimal conditions for seamless distribution and logistics operations.

But that's not all - we're proud to announce that our warehouse in Kąty Wrocławskie is going green! 🌿 Certified under the BREEAM system at the "Excellent" level, it will offer environmentally friendly solutions in line with our commitment to sustainable development.

A big thank you to our dedicated partners SATOIA S.A. and Colliers for their unwavering support in this exciting project. 🤝